Sunday, February 20, 2011

Saydi's story

There once was a girl named Saydi and she
had lots of friends. Saydi usually seemed normal to most of her friends.

She liked to go for long walks and feel the breeze in her hair.

 In much the same way her other friends did.

Saydi's personality was unique but was effected by those she surrounded her self with. Some sarcastic friends with big attitudes rubbed off negative on her. 

Others who seemed quiet, well spoken and confident where some positive influences.  

They lived their lives with less drama and arrogance from the examples they set.

She began to wonder who would be a good mate for her.

Some guys where hansom but that wasn't enough for her because they where to bold and over bearing.

Some guys where too quiet and strange and she was afraid of them in fear for not trusting. 

Some guys seemed right but they didn't seem interested in her either.

When they got the chance they never seemed to respond the way she expected or liked them to.

Her relationships seemed angry because she would not settle for anything that would just do.

She began to ask her friends what they thought about it.

Some feed back was critical but constructive and helpful. "Maybe it's you?", they said.

When she continued to ask there opinions similar responses reoccured. "Do what makes you happy"

She politely asked three more friends what they thought she should do. "Do what you want." 

The last two friends she asked that she held in high regards, whos opinion meant the most and belived were the most respected said "how about the guy who you love."

The last friend said "How about the guy that loves you".

She was with Sam from then on and there after from that day fourth. Because he treated her with manners and was good to her.

Even though Eliot was upset because she didn't choose him.

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Thomas Daughtry said...

Hi Peyt,

The figures are really nice! I love them, so much personality and they speak volumes.
Keep up the great work.